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Flash Remoting on CFMX7 Multiple Instances

Mark Kruger November 17, 2005 11:32 AM Coldfusion MX 7, Flash Remoting Comments (0)

If you use flash remoting on multiple sites on the same server you have probably had to configure the JrunScripts virtual directory. On the standard edition this virtual directory points to the folder <%cfusionmx7%>/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1. When you are running multiple instances you end up with several folders in the wsconfig folder - 1 for each instance (FYI - the root of a multi-instance CF installation is JRUN4, not ColdfusionMX7 as you might think). You might suspect that each site needing flash remoting should point this virtual to "it's own" instance. This is not the case. As Russ (a.k.a. "Snake") pointed out in a recent cfguru post, you must point this virtual to folder number 1. So...

...would not work, but...
...does work. I'm betting there is some other setting in a config file somewhere that needs to be adjusted to bring the instances into alignment with flash remoting.

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