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Email Injection Bot Attacks and SPF Records

Mark Kruger November 5, 2005 11:44 AM Coldfusion Security, Hosting and Networking Comments (2)

I got an email from someone on my blog about implementing SPF that said it should cut down on email injection attacks. The reasoning was that the email injection attack typically sends "from" the domain of the web site. Since SPF dictates the servers or domains mail can come "from" then mail from the web server would be rejected. Stopping Email Injection Bots would be a nice side effect of SPF, but it is unlikely. This reasoning does not take into account 2 important details.

1. SPF must be implemented on the mail server

It's not enough to just add SPF records to your DNS server, you must configure your mail server to honor them. That's the rub. SPF is a great idea that can help tremendously, but it must gather enough steam to be implemented throughout the net. It has to have some critical mass to be truly effective.

2. Web Servers Typically Send Mail Through an SPF Authorized Server

Your web server is probably already configured to send email from your domain through a web server specified in your SPF record. That means, from an SPF perspective, the mail sent (FROM some user in your domain TO some user in your domain and BCC some other user) is actually legitimate.

Always keep in mind that at this point email injection bots don't affect Coldfusion servers - at least not in respect to be able to send out arbitrary email to hidden email addresses (that's the goal of an injection bot). At most they are an annoyance that cause junk messages to appear in the inbox of whoever your form targets for email. Email Injection is really only effective against a PHP server with a weak email script - at least, that seems to be the most likely scenario.

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  • James Moberg's Gravatar
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    James Moberg | 11/5/05 10:36 AM
    Now that you know about SPF, you are probably looking for a mail server that takes advantage of it.

    I use SurgeMail (previously dMail) from NetWinSite. It offers Extended SPF support either globally or per-account. It's cross-platform and can use any user database for authentication. It's extremely configurable and even supports clusters. (I don't have space in the comments section to highlight all of the features.)

    I've been extremely pleased with their customer service and their licensing plan is better than any other enterprise mail server I've evaluated.

    A free 5 user license is available.
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 11/5/05 11:06 AM
    James - I have 2 mail server products - Argosoft, very cheap but it supports SPF. And Smartermail (from - a little pricier but still reasonable - and with SPF support. The surgemail product is a "per user" model. That doesn't work for me. I need a "per domain" model. The cost is too much by comparison considering our needs. I'm not saying it's outrageous. It looks reasonable. It is just too much by comparison considering we already have 2 relatively trouble free aps for much less.