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CF Muse Christmas Wish

Mark Kruger December 23, 2005 2:46 PM Humor and Life Comments (2)

To all of you who celebrate this holiday as the birth of Christ, have a very happy Christmas. To those of you who celebrate Chanukah, Happy Chanukah. To the Kwanza participants, happy Kwanza. To those of you who use the Holiday as an excuse to enjoy family, friends, and (hopefully) copious amounts of food, I wish you blessings or happiness or whatever phrase means the most to you at this time of year. I hope you take the time to appreciate what you have and I hope that you find time to be charitable and bless someone else in the spirit of the season.

CF Muse's Christmas Wish

("I heard the Bells" by Heather Prusse downloadable at DeFord Music)


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    Ian Sheridan | 12/23/05 1:46 PM
    Thanks man you too
  • Mark Fuqua's Gravatar
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    Mark Fuqua | 12/24/05 9:25 AM
    Well Done, Merry Christmas brother.