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CFCHART Workaround for labeling horizontal charts

Mark Kruger December 29, 2005 11:02 AM Coldfusion MX 7 Comments (1)

This is a nice tip from Dan Switzer on a fix for a tricky cf chart labeling problem. Sometimes when using an overlapping horizontal bar chart, the labels fail to appear or go missing. In this example from Robi Sen, the first and third labels are there but the middle label is missing.

The fix is to edit an XML file found in the CFusionmx7/charting/styles folder. Here's the fix as Dan Describes it:

  • Go to your CFusionMX7\charting\styles folder
  • Backup the "default.xml" file
  • Take off the "read only" attribute of the default.xml file.
  • Open the default.xml file for editing.
  • Find the lines below

"true" orientation="Horizontal"/>

"Arial-12-bold" isMultiline="false"/>

  • Change the tag's "isHidOverlapped" attribute to false.
  • Save the file.

In experimenting Robi Sen also added the following node:

"Value" placement="inside" foreground="black"/>
To make the data labels show "inside" the chart.

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    Joey Krabacher | 11/7/08 5:40 PM
    very cool....i've been looking for this fix for a while...the interesting thing is that if you change the inner labels to just one letter they show up fine.