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Twas the Night Before Merger

Mark Kruger December 8, 2005 10:25 AM Podcasts, Humor and Life Comments (14)

Twas the night before the Merger, when all through the Net,
Not a Web site was stirring, not even devnet.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. PDF soon would be there.

The designers were nestled all snug in their beds,
With visions of OSX support in their heads;
And Ma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,
Put the PC on Standby and shutdown the MAC.

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When Out on the web there arose such a storm,
I rebooted my box knowing it was out of the norm.
Away to my browser with plugin of Flash,
I googled to see what had caused such a rash.

When, what should my googling eyes behold,
But 3 groups of products 1 new and 2 old.
With a little old driver, so lively and deft,
I knew that it must be St. PDF.

More rapid than eagles his bloggers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;
"Now, Burcell! now, Christian! now, Buntell and Corfield!
On, Cambden! on Simon! on, Nimer and Forta!"

To the top of the Site! to the top of the emall!
Now blog away! blog away! blog away all!"
As packets that queue in the RAM of a router,
They surged toward my browser like cyber gunpowder.
So up to my browser through the broadband they flew,
With a zip file of blogs, and RSS too.
As I tried to close each new window and door,
My browser crackled with opinions galore

Some about linux with open source Zeal,
Others on frameworks with massive appeal.
Some had fervor in place of the facts,
While others were simply explaining a hack.

But all of them twinkled with lively debate,
And the comments where often from someone irrate!
Macromedia and Adobe Employees it seems,
Liked merging their products as part of a team

photoshop, Flash, livecycle, dreamweaver,
Crashed all together in discordant pitched fever.
And yes, although some duplication exists,
All the analyst still thought the 2 companies fit.

So out here in dev land we're anticipating,
To see if St. PDF gets a good rating;
And although there is generally mild confusion,
We anxiously await the fate of Coldfusion,

Still signs of progress cause us delight
"Happy Merger to all, and to all a good-night."


  • Doug Laakso's Gravatar
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    Doug Laakso | 12/8/05 8:58 AM
    Just to funny! Great imagination.
  • Steven Erat's Gravatar
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    Steven Erat | 12/8/05 9:01 AM
    Great job Mark! I laughed so hard!! Where do I donate?
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 12/8/05 9:03 AM
    Ha - thanks Doug.. Steve.. give to your local salvation army bell ringer :)
  • Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar
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    Jeff Coughlin | 12/8/05 9:16 AM
    That was great. Almost as good as coffee in the morning :)
  • Scott Stroz's Gravatar
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    Scott Stroz | 12/8/05 10:57 AM
    You need to get out more ;)
  • Damien's Gravatar
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    Damien | 12/8/05 11:41 AM
    Absolutely hilarious, Mark!
  • shane montgomery's Gravatar
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    shane montgomery | 12/8/05 12:26 PM
    a hip hop star is born, move over kanye west
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 12/8/05 12:30 PM
    Shane - ok... I'm 40 so I guess I have to ask - who is kanye west? Is that like Mae's grandaughter?
  • shane montgomery's Gravatar
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    shane montgomery | 12/8/05 3:54 PM
    Hah, he's some rapper who got famous overnight when he made a song about how he had to get jaw surgery (no joke).
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 12/8/05 4:45 PM
    Wow.... tobacco chewer eh?
  • shane montgomery's Gravatar
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    shane montgomery | 12/12/05 11:41 AM
    Mark, in honor of your sickening starbucks habbit and the weekend beating me up, I opted for a Venti today in hopes to come here and read some of your brilliant humour. How the heck do you drink 3 of these a day? I'd die!
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 12/12/05 12:02 PM
    Drinking buckets of coffee is a habit I picked up from my father - a pentecostal preacher who would not doubt succumb to alchololism if his rigorous faith allowed even a drop :) Starbucks is a step up from the old days when I used to frequent Burger king and McDonalds.

    Don't let me lead you astray Shane - find your own vice and stick with it.
  • Steven Erat's Gravatar
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    Steven Erat | 12/20/05 3:07 PM
    You'll be happy to know (or not) that the phrase "christmas tidings" now ranks my trackback to this entry as #1 :)
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 12/20/05 3:09 PM
    Ha... yes - it was definitely a popular post for me as well :)