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Urchin Log Analyzer and the E-commerce Module

Mark Kruger May 25, 2005 12:06 PM Hosting and Networking Comments (0)

We ran into a minor issue with the Urchin web analyzer and ecommerce module. One of our clients uses Edge-web hosting to host a dedicated server. They do a fabulous job and they actually know quite a bit about configuring a Coldfusion server. Anyway, one of the items they offer is the "Urchin" web log analyzer. This analyzer produces some fabulous reports and does a gret job with things like referral key words and the like. A "plugin" for the analyzer allows you to analyze e-commerce logs that are stored in a particular format - but your shopping cart must be able to produce those logs. Either that or you would have to custom program the logging.

We had added the module to our customers web site because we thought it might add some benefit - but the task of customizing the logs did not seem worth the expense so they cancelled it. As soon as they let the license revert back to "basic" the particular profile we were working on stopped picking up new logs to analyze. I assumed it was because the profile was still seton "e-commerce", but setting it back to basic didn't help. In order to fix it I had to create a new profile and delete the old one. Just a tip in case you needed the info.

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