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Part II - Possibly the BEST Marketing Strategy Ever

Mark Kruger July 22, 2005 3:56 PM Hosting and Networking, Humor and Life Comments (3)

I stand corrected. The candidate is now actually going to GO WITH the blackmailing host company. Not only that, but the company supports no scripting languages - only Front Page Extensions. They do this for security reasons (security reasons?). So my friend the developer is busy converting his site into a front page site to make it more secure. Meanwhile, I'm going to contact the host and see if they are interested in my new idea - selling bottled Nebraska air on E-bay. I think they might be able to pull it off.

(this is a follow up to my previous post.)

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    Don | 7/22/05 2:24 PM
    What's FrontPage?? Is it a plugin for Eclipse? j/k
    But seriously, I doubt I could vote for someone who doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say "the reason I didn't pick your company and went out of state is because.. you suck and I trust the judgement of my developer (who lives in state)"
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    Scott | 7/27/05 12:54 AM
    That's exactly the problem with politics today. The politicians a) have their own special interests b) are easily blackmailed if they are afraid of losing or not getting what they want.

    If I was more of an blankity blank and had more time on my hands, I would blackmail the hosting company and threaten to publicize their blackmail in the media and contact the attorney general of your state to see if they violated any laws. If the candidate is going for a state office, I would contant the state's election board. If he is going to a federal office, I would also contact the Federal Election Board as well. I would also contact every member of your state legistlature and let them know about the blackmail and ask them what they would like to do about it. I'm sure all these people would love to hear how businesses are blackmailing politicians. Makes great headlines, by the way.

    Actually, to the hell with blackmail. I would just go ahead and make the hosting company look like jerks in the media and push for legal action taken against them.

    Serves them right!
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    Scott | 7/27/05 1:04 AM
    By the way, the politician was stupid for giving into the blackmail. Now the hosting company or anyone else can blackmail him more by threatening to releave the fact that he was easily blackmailed.

    Sounds like this politician isn't terribly smart. He just set himself to look bad, because you know if the other candidates find out about this, it will go public... unless they all were successfully blackmailed, which means your state has no hope whatsoever because all of your politicians can be bought.

    Too bad I don't live in your state. I would run for office for the sole purpose of trying to get blackmailed by this company. And then publicize the blackmail in the media, which would give me an edge over any politician who is hosting with the blackmailing company, because I would imply that the politicians using them were blackmailed (even if I had no proof). The media would eat that up and I would look good in the media as the only politician with balls.

    As I said before, your politician is stupid. If he did this right and did some research, he could have easily spun this around in his favor. For example, if he found out all his opponents were hosted at that company, he could easily make them look very very bad in the media.