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The Identity Field Part III - Mia Culpa

Mark Kruger August 19, 2005 11:04 AM MS SQL Server Comments (2)

Ok Ok - @@Identity is not as good as SCOPE_IDENTITY(). I'm sorry to have written a post that was "pro-@@identity" (even though it was rife with warnings). For anyone listening please be advised. There is never a case where @@Identity is needed and SCOPE_IDENTITY() cannot be used instead - at least not that I can think of. You can quote me on that. Now let's all remain friends.

(follow up to the previous post)

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  • Shawn's Gravatar
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    Shawn | 8/19/05 11:34 AM
    Unless you want to throw IDENT_CURRENT() into the discussion. ;)
  • Mark's Gravatar
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    Mark | 8/19/05 12:02 PM