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Testing 800 by 600 Resulution Using a Browser Bookmark

Mark Kruger February 28, 2006 11:51 AM Design Comments (5)

While I buy the axiom that "size isn't everything" in spite of how my spam is constantly nagging me about it, I must say I do like having a really big display for programming. I like being able to see the maximum amount of code in a single window. Sue me. My current display is a lovely 19 inch wide screen set to 1440 X 900 resolution. Please don't send me notes about how yours is bigger. I'm satisfied with mine thank you. Meanwhile, one of the annoyances is testing your web pages for 800x600 when required. I got this neat tip from Andy Matthews from

Add a bookmark with the following snippet as the target.

Name it something obvious like "resize to 800 by 600". When you call it it resizes the browser to those dimensions. That's pretty neat Andy. If you are wondering specifically how to do it, try the following. Open any web page in your browser, then paste the snippet above into your address bar and hit enter. It will resize the window for you as you expect. Then choose "add to favorites" or "bookmark this page" to get it into your list of bookmarks.

From that point on, you can open the bookmark on any page you like and it will resize to 800 x 600. Nifty. Thanks Andy. I'm sure to many of my readers this is old news, but I never would have thought of it on my own (ha).

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  • noname's Gravatar
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    noname | 2/28/06 11:13 AM
    Personally I just use the Resize option on the Developer tool bar, found here:
  • John's Gravatar
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    John | 2/28/06 11:17 AM
    I use the Resize funcationality in the FireFox Web Developer extension.
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 2/28/06 12:09 PM
    Ah.. very good. I like that as well. I knew some reader of mine was bound to show me up :)
  • kris's Gravatar
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    kris | 2/28/06 12:34 PM
    I prefer work with dualhead and my external monitor.
    Or just use above extensions.
  • Roger Benningfield's Gravatar
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    Roger Benningfield | 3/1/06 7:46 AM
    The ideal combo, IMO, is the Firefox Web Developer extension + the IETab extension. With a couple clicks you can resize the window, and then toggle back and forth between Mozilla and IE rendering engines.