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Ode to Ick-claying (By Ed Sensebegger)

Mark Kruger February 3, 2006 10:37 AM Humor and Life Comments (0)

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Ode to Ick-Claying

By Ed Sensebegger (from Leakey TX)

I've tried and tried to understand how it could be so hard
I know my readers have more energy than tubs of lard
It's not as if I'm asking you to sign your life away
So why oh why can't you remember... ick-clay on the onsorspay

We've been friends for years now and I know you read with passion
My readers have a nose for code and they're not a slave to fashion.
But muses need new toys and widgets perhaps an I-pod which to play
So why oh why can't you remember... ICK-CLAY ON THE ONSORSPAY


Now I'm not one to gripe and moan my attitude's serene,
I'm not looking greedily for revenues obscene
I'd just like a bigger car and house and yacht someday
So why oh why can't you remember... ICK-CLAY ON THE ONSORSPAY!

It's not like I have "hidden" links somewhere within the page.
I don't cover stuff with flash and overlays.
They're right there on the sidebar just as bold as Cassius Clay
So why oh why can't you remember... ICK-CLAY ON THE ONSORSPAY!

Ah well.... such is life I guess I won't retort to fraud
A blog is more than revenue, it's my thought-life written loud
So I'll just lay back and not expect too much per se....
But please... if you have a moment.... just for me... ICK-CLAY ON THE ONSORSPAY!

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