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Getting the Auto Number Field in MS Access

As a follow up to this Previous Post on using the @@Identify Field and it's related function "scope_identity()", it appears that it is possible to do this same thing in Access. Charlie Arehart has posted a great article with some examples titled "Select @@Identity Works in Access. Worth Exploring. Check it out.

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    Charlie Arehart | 3/19/06 1:37 PM
    Glad you found that useful, Mark. Just to clarify to readers, that post is from 2002. I haven't checked in a few years to confirm that everything about that post is still accurate. :-) Nor have I added possible new info (like that scope_identity) if it might be available in Access. (And of course, I know that many will argue that one shouldn't use Access. Again, back then, there were a lot of people doing it. It was just to help them.)