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This Just In - Trackbacks Officially Worthless (Film at 11:00)

Mark Kruger September 18, 2006 4:25 PM Humor and Life Comments (2)

I've disabled trackbacks on Coldfusion Muse. Currently I have more than 300 trackbacks waiting approval - none of them legitimate unless I write something about penis size, gambling, erectile dysfunction or how to pick up women. I mean that last one metaphorically - like in bars and places where singles hang out like the mall and... and... well, wherever they are - mostly sitting around waiting to meet me (if my in-box is to be believed). Obviously you can pick up women literally (at small to average size women) by lifting with your legs to save your back. For that matter, most women I know could manage to pick up an average size man.... Where was I? Oh yes - trackbacks. I disabled trackbacks on my blog. I hope that doesn't inconvenience any "live" people wanting to use them.

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  • Brandon Harper's Gravatar
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    Brandon Harper | 9/18/06 3:25 PM
    Someone should implement <a href="">CFAkismet&...; into trackbacks and comments in BlogCFC. I'm using it for my blog via WordPress and never have any trackback spam and I don't have to rely on CAPTCHA or pop-up windows for comments either.

    From my adminstrative panel:

    "Akismet has protected your site from 7,064 spam comments."

    This is after about a month and a half...

    I specifically ported an API for Akismet to ColdFusion so that BlogCFC users could use what all the cool kids are using these days because I see so many spam complaints by those who use BlogCFC, but only a couple of people are using it...
  • yacoubean's Gravatar
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    yacoubean | 9/18/06 11:42 PM
    I agree. Almost as soon as I put the BlogCFC version of my blog up, I got some trackback spam (I didn't have trackbacks before that). I immediately disabled it. How many times have you even seen or paid attention to trackbacks on other sites you're on? I think I've seen it like...twice.