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Limiting the Databases Seen in MS SQL Enterprise Manager

Mark Kruger September 23, 2006 11:44 AM MS SQL Server Comments (0)

Did you ever connect to a an SQL server using Enterprise Manager where the server in question had a hundred or so databases installed? If you have you will know there is a significant delay when you expand the tree to find your database. Then you will have to sort through all those other databases to find yours. The other databases are listed there even though you do not have permissions to access them. Not only is this a security risk, it is annoying and time consuming. There is a solution....

This tip comes from Russ (a.k.a. Snake) on the CF Guru list. Russ pointed us to this KB Article from Microsoft includes a stored procedure that modifies the process of creating that browse list and shows the connecting EM only the databases they are entitled to see. This speeds up the process of using EM. Plus, you really don't want everyone in the world to see that you named your database "Pookey". In my own test I found that it worked exactly as advertised - but make sure you read the whole article. There's an easy roll-back plan, just make sure (as always) that you understand how it is supposed to work.

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