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Job Opening for Coldfusion Programmer

Mark Kruger October 19, 2007 3:27 PM Job Openings Comments (2)

CF Webtools looking for an intermediate to advance Coldfusion programmer to augment its staff. CF Webtools has an exciting portfolio of projects using the latest technologies like Coldfusion 8, Ajax, Flex, Farcry and Model-glue. If you are looking to stretch your wings and expand your Coldfusion and technology skills, then CF Webtools is looking for you. As a bonus you get to work with Coldfusion Muse and CF Guru Mark Kruger. CF Webtools is located in beautiful Omaha, NE - the Best Kept Secret in the US. We offer a competitive salary, a great place to live, a family friendly company, great benefits and exciting work.

Send your inquiry and resume to Here are the requirements.

Technical Skills

  • Must be proficient in Coldfusion MX including CFCs.
  • Must have some knowledge of other web programming languages like PHP, .NET, etc.
  • Must have a good understanding of Object Oriented Design
  • Must have worked with an RDBMS system like MS SQL, MySQL, or Oracle.
  • Must be well-versed in other aspects of web development like HTML, CSS, XHTML etc.
  • Any of the following will be a plus:
    • Sample code demonstrating your skill in Coldfusion MX - including CFCs.
    • A working application you can show us and explain in technical detail.
    • Experience with frameworks (Fusebox, Model-glue, Mach-II, Ruby Etc.)
    • Any experience with Object Oriented Programming
    • Other Technical Skills: Linux experience, server configuration, Hardware, Networking, DBA, familiarity with different database platforms, SDLC experience and the like.
    • Having a technical blog that you update at least once or twice a month.

Other Necessary Skills

  • Must work well with others, but also be able to work independently.
  • Must have solid communication skills and be able to communicate to both clients and team members regarding requirements, components, timelines and all aspects of development.
  • Must be able to touch type and write fast enough to produce requirements documents (when needed), document work, and communicate via email and our tracking system.
  • Must be an avid reader of Coldfusion Muse (not really).
  • Must have an aptitude for grasping and mastering new technologies as they emerge. If you have this ability you will do well in our company

Salary is based on experience. We may be able to help you relocate as well.

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  • Brian Kotek's Gravatar
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    Brian Kotek | 10/19/07 4:12 PM
    Just a note that in the future, you might want to use a better title. "ColdFusion Programmer" could mean just about anything. A more descriptive title like "Job Opening for ColdFusion Programmer" or "CF Webtools Is Hiring - Position: ColdFusion Programmer", etc. would get you more targeted traffic. ;-)
  • Russ Michaels's Gravatar
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    Russ Michaels | 11/6/07 6:23 PM
    How about a long distance developer in the UK :-)