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Snow Day in Omaha

Mark Kruger March 1, 2007 5:10 PM Humor and Life Comments (6)

I'm the only one who made it into work this morning. That gas guzzling 4 wheel drive I usually complain about does a great job of mashing through the snow drifts to carry me the 18 miles of my commute. In case you are interested - here is the reason that all the other CF Webtools developers did not make it to work today (them and their pansy cars and mini-vans ... humpht).

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  • Phillip Senn's Gravatar
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    Phillip Senn | 3/1/07 3:19 PM
    I wonder if there's a live video somewhere in Omaha?
    I know our TV station's got one mounted on a tower somewhere.
  • Jake Churchill's Gravatar
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    Jake Churchill | 3/1/07 3:33 PM
    I resent that. I'm one of those CF Webtools developers with a "pansy car". I don't think it matters with 12+ inches of snow on the ground blowing all around.

    Phillip, here's a link to the local news station which has city cameras all over.
  • Jason Troy's Gravatar
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    Jason Troy | 3/1/07 9:38 PM
    Okay, you've got me. Normally I drive the Civic Hybrid into work, but I COULD have driven the gas-guzzling Expedition. I could say I didn't come in because they closed the interstate, but it wasn't closed when I normally drive in. Yes, you've got me, I'm guilty as accused.

    By the way, that pansy car is what I lovingly call the "Clown Car". It reminds me of one of those smaller cars that they pack 15 clowns into at the circus. Since its a hybrid, the others here hand me AA batteries and ask if I've got enough power to get home. They're NiMH batteries, not alkaline - HA!
  • Mark's Gravatar
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    Mark | 3/2/07 8:37 AM
    AA batteries... think of all the remotes you orphan :)
  • Jeff Mercer's Gravatar
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    Jeff Mercer | 3/2/07 9:33 AM
    I'm not an employee of CF Webtools, I'm a customer. I was googling around the web this morning and found a site that peaked my interest that linked to another site that peaked my interestd that linked back to Marks' blog (small world). I too am of the "pansy car" clan and wanted to give props where props are due! INSPITE of that fact that Jake may have one of these so called "pansy cars" he was able to fix my product page issues remotely! And THAT is AWESOME!
  • Japes's Gravatar
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    Japes | 3/6/07 7:49 PM
    Nice work Mark. I'm a fan of all 4 wheeled vehicles, pansy or not, but the biggest winner on those super snowy days is not 4wd, it's bridgestone blizzak snowtires! Put them on the pansy-est of cars and plow through with the big boys, or tow them out when their britches get too big.

    You had to tell me that you were the only one who made it into work; most of the guys on the team had IM'd me with projects they were working on and I was clueless that the office was empty.