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Job Opening: Intermediate to Advanced Coldfusion

Mark Kruger May 15, 2007 10:57 AM Job Openings Comments (4)

CF Webtools is looking for an intermediate to advanced Coldfusion developer who can make an immediate contribution to our highly skilled team of developers. Our company is located in Omaha NE - an awesome place to live. We offer a competitive salary, health, flex plan, disability, life insurance, one paid conference per year, 1 day per week telecommuting, and 401k (immediately vested). We have exciting, cutting-edge projects in CF 7, Farcry, Fusebox and Flex. We offer flexible work hours, a bonus structure, referral incentives and a great team atmosphere. If you are interested, send me or Jason your resume. You can also call us at (402) 408 3733 ext 105.

Job Description

  • Must be proficient in CFML programming including CFCs.
  • Must have some knowledge of other web programming languages (PHP, ASP, .NET, JSP etc.).
  • Must have a solid understanding of SQL Server or MySQL (or both)
  • Must be well-versed in other aspects of web development like HTML, CSS, XHTML etc.
  • Must work well with others, but also be able to work independently.
  • Must have solid communication skills and be able to communicate to both clients and team members regarding requirements, components, timelines and all aspects of development.
  • Must be able to touch type and write fast enough to produce requirements documents (when needed), document work, and communicate via email and our tracking system.
  • Any other technical skills are a plus - Linux experience, server configuration, Networking, DBA, familiarity with different database platforms, SDLC experience and the like.
  • Must be an avid reader of Coldfusion Muse (not really).
  • Must have an aptitude for grasping and mastering new technologies as they emerge. We are currently moving into Flex development. This is really the most important requirement. If you have this ability you will do well in our company
Salary is based on experience.

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  • Kerr's Gravatar
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    Kerr | 5/23/07 9:08 AM
    CMFL? :)
  • mkruger's Gravatar
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    mkruger | 5/23/07 9:29 AM
    Yeah... coldfusion markup freaking language... give me a break will ya - I have to write all my own copy (ha).
  • David McGraw's Gravatar
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    David McGraw | 5/29/07 3:01 PM
    I'm a Pro at Farcry, all aspects, and LOVE working within the Farcry system. Created my own Framework, as I feel the "popular" frameworks assume too much and do to much for you, and ive been wanting to get into Flex, just havent had the opportunity to get into it. Also Touch type? seriously? I hunt and peck very fast... Also, any posibilities to work remotely?
  • Werbeagentur Mönchengladbach's Gravatar
    Great article. Thanks for share it