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Coldfusion Abandoned in Favor of Client Side Tools (Film at 11:00)

Mark Kruger September 11, 2007 12:17 PM Coldfusion's Future Comments (4)

The Coldfusion Developers Journal (CFDJ) is being discontinued by sys-con. You can read about it here. If you look closely it appears that the tech-savvy editors of the former CFDJ have determined (no doubt through research and careful analysis) that Coldfusion developers are fleeing to Ajax, Flex and Silverlight. Quoting the erstwhile Engin Sezci, "We have seen a rapid trend and move from ColdFusion to other emerging rich web technologies such as AJAX, Flex, and Silverlight.".

I was surprised to learn that developers mostly concerned with server side technologies are trading in their work boots for tasseled loafers and moving to the client side. One wonders if the editors of the former CFDJ have ever even seen a live Coldfusion application. I suspect Mr. Sezci is an offshore outsource editor. Certainly if they are paying him more than 5.00 an hour they are getting ripped off. Coldfusion is from Mars and Ajax is from Venus (Flex is from sentari 5 - an advanced technological planet). If anything, with the tight integration of Flex and Ajax - CF is more entrenched than ever as the server side component.

Perhaps the best quote of the day came from the inestimable Dave Watts on the BACFUG mailing list. "In a similar vein," wrote Dave, "I've decided to abandon bicycles in favor of oranges."

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  • Russ Michaels's Gravatar
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    Russ Michaels | 9/12/07 7:29 PM
    Did you miss this little nugget, which seems as though it might be a big factor in their decision.
    "CFDJ was launched 10 years ago as a custom developer magazine with the direct support of Allaire Corporation. This support continued after the acquisition of Allaire by Macromedia. After ColdFusion became part of the Adobe product line Adobe recently decided to discontinue its support of the magazine."

    If Adobe are no longer interested, its not exactly going to send them any positive messages.
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    Webdesign Agentur | 12/29/07 12:26 PM
    Thanks for the Link @ " ". It´s very interesting. And Russ thanks for your commend. I think the same of your ;)
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    Werbeagentur | 1/24/08 9:43 AM
    Thanks for the link
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    Daryl James | 1/3/09 12:45 PM
    For what it's worth, while we've seen sways in the CF outsourcing marketplace, the demand remains steady year over year ( Personally, I like "I've decided to abandon bicycles in favor of oranges".

    Daryl James
    - oDesk