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Max Monday General: Maria Shriver Stealls the Show

Mark Kruger November 17, 2008 4:20 PM Conferences Comments (0)

Well I just got out of the first general session. As usual Kevin Lynch had lots of goodies to show us. From Internet enabled phone running the full version of Flash 10 to cool community widgets for sharing screens. But the real show stopper was that Maria Shriver stopped by and spoke for about 10 minutes regarding her California Legacy Trails project - a new feature of the california museums web site. She was charming and unscripted. Referring to the information presented by Kevin she said something like "I didn't understand anything that was just presented... I thought I had stubmled onto a star trek convention. But when I realized that the crowd was 90 percent men I figured I would stay." She was very fun and we enjoyed hearing her.

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