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Linux ColdFusion Instance Taking too Long to Restart

Mark Kruger January 6, 2011 11:06 AM ColdFusion Comments (3)

Here's an issue I was involved in only on the very fringes. ColdFusion restarts of specific instances on a multi-install Linux server were taking forever due to session replication, but we could not see that replication was actually turned "on". There was no cluster and no admin setting indicating replication was on, but the log files definitely indicated sessions were being restored after a restart. The fix actually comes from ColdFusion Guru Brian Ghidinelli.

Brian's post is quite thorough so I won't indulge in my usually wordy explanations. Suffice it to say that when you create a new instance the jrun-web.xml file needs to be copied to your new instance specific /web-inf directory and configured with session replication off. If it's not there, copy it from the /cfusion instance. Apparently on Linux this file is not appropriately copied into individual instances that you create, so CF reverts to the default behavior for all settings in that file (meaning replication is on but you can't see how). See Brian's post for very specific instructions.

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  • Eric Cobb's Gravatar
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    Eric Cobb | 1/6/11 11:36 AM
    Doesn't disabling J2EE Sessions fix this as well?
  • Mark Kruger's Gravatar
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    Mark Kruger | 1/6/11 11:40 AM

    Good point... I haven't tested it, but I suspect your right. I prefer to have them on however... they help pass some picky scans that red-flag cfid/cftoken.

  • Eric Cobb's Gravatar
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    Eric Cobb | 1/6/11 12:09 PM
    I prefer J2EE Sessions as well. But, in our particular case (an intranet app isolated to a small group of people), when we ran into this problem we just turned them off and that seemed to solve it for us. If this were on a public facing app I would want them on.