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The API Learning Curve Chart

Mark Kruger November 4, 2011 2:31 PM Humor and Life Comments (6)

One of my terrific, fantastic, stupendous, extraordinary, (doesn't that make you want to come and work for me?) developers named Denny has recently been working on consuming an API from a popular service who shall remain anonymous. I'll only say that when I hear their name I think of lederhosen and that cough drop commercial with the fancy pants guys and big horns. Anyway, Denny apparently uses art to vent his frustrations. Here's what he came up with.

Ok so he's not Picasso yet - but it is definitely refrigerator worthy don't you think?

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  • Dominic Watson's Gravatar
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    Dominic Watson | 11/4/11 3:48 PM
    Ha ha, beautiful. Hell hath no fury like a developer working with overly complicated *#?!# code!
  • Eve's Gravatar
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    Eve | 11/4/11 3:52 PM
    Does replacing some words count as art?
  • Mark Kruger's Gravatar
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    Mark Kruger | 11/4/11 4:20 PM

    Well apparently it does for a web developer (ha). I didn't know it was "prior" art.

  • Phillip Senn's Gravatar
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    Phillip Senn | 11/4/11 5:05 PM
    I feel that way about ColdFusion. It started out as "look how simple you can get data from the database!". Then it turned into "Well, you really need to instantiate components." Then "Well, you really need to write a getter and a setter for every single field in the database and obfuscate I mean encapsulate the database." Then it became, "Well, you really don't use tags at all". And then it became "Well, you really don't use SQL at all any more, now it's ORM."
  • Denard Springle's Gravatar
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    Denard Springle | 11/5/11 2:06 AM
    Bah - they beat me to it... was going to come post this was a mash-up after work but got pulled away to save the wife from a b0rk3n alternator. :(

    @Eve - hah - wasn't meant to be 'Art' - was a mash-up meant to convey that same feeling about a particular API integration that I also felt as an Eve player of 9 years - it's an homage :)

    ... and still funny :)
  • Lola LB's Gravatar
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    Lola LB | 11/5/11 8:55 AM
    Okay, now you've got me trying to figure out just what is this popular service. Sure can't be Google . . .