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New Opportunities: Boston/Providence and Omaha

Mark Kruger December 16, 2011 5:46 PM Job Openings Comments (3)

The Muse is on the lookout for any and all ColdFusion resources in the Boston/Providence area. One of our Tier 1 clients is looking to build a new team in that area and is asking for our assistance. So if you are a senior developer who thinks you can get through my grueling test and interview process and you want to work for a terrific consulting company that has doubled in size in the last year - send your resume to and let's have a chat.

On a related note I am looking for some local Omaha talent as well. Specifically I need a design resource that specializes in User Interface Design - creating user lexicons, visibility analysis, consistency, error and feedback standards, recognition vs. recall, minimalism etc. - and you live in or around the Omaha area (and by around I mean Sioux City, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and the Omaha Metro area), then feel free to contact me. We might have a great opportunity for you to make a significant contribution to an amazing suite of applications for a thriving business. Again - you would have to live in and around Omaha, or at least be willing to brook the subject of moving to Omaha within a reasonable time frame.

For those of you waiting for me to call you about the resume you already sent me in the last few weeks (there are about 15 or 20 of you) hang in there. We are in a 4 week cycle right now so you can bet I'll be contacting you very soon.

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  • Phillip Senn's Gravatar
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    Phillip Senn | 12/16/11 8:26 PM
    In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy, I'd like for you to riff on things that would make you NOT a senior developer.

    IF YOU are using client variables stored in the registry, you might not be a senior developer.
    IF YOU don't know who Ray Camden is, you might not be a senior developer.
  • Mark Kruger's Gravatar
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    Mark Kruger | 12/16/11 9:37 PM

    Ha... I'll work on it! But Ray Camden Shmamden - what about ColdFusion Muse?
  • Steven Erat's Gravatar
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    Steven Erat | 12/17/11 11:18 AM
    Sam Farmer is the new Ray Camden :)