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Hope Rising in Egypt

Mark Kruger February 11, 2011 7:08 PM Humor and Life Comments (0)

The entire world has its eyes glued on the Arab giant as it shakes off the chains of oppressive rule. It's hard to watch the footage of tearful and joyful Egyptians without having your heart leap inside of you. As someone who has never seriously considered the loss of freedom in my homeland I simply can't stop watching this amazing drama unfold. With surprising little bloodshed a non-violent "peoples revolt" has washed over the ancient land of the Nile like a tsunami - taking the rotten wood of autocratic corruption and despotism out to sea in its euphoric backwash.

In Cairo and throughout the land jubilant citizens of every stripe are dancing and singing and waving their nation's flag. The city is one big traffic jam given over to joy. Joy is sorely needed both here and in neighboring Arab countries. The majority of folks in Egypt live on less than $2.50 per day. Think about that for a moment. That's roughly what I pay (with the tip) each morning for my Vente double cup coffee at Starbucks. I indulge myself with an amount that others use simply to survive. Is it any wonder that these folks are dancing? It makes me want to dance with them.

What will Egypt look like a year from now? Who's to say. It will probably not reflect a Western democracy - but after all western democracy brought us Silvio Berlusconi right? I'm sure Egyptian democracy will have some glaring flaws. Most folks don't remember our own rugged history with democracy. We have slavery and ethnic cleansing as a part of heritage. Still, here's hoping the Egyptian people every success as they work to achieve what has been so elusive in the middle east - a lasting government that honors the rights and aspirations of all of its citizens, rules by law and not by fiat and allows for the regular and peaceful transition of power via free and fair elections. For a student of history like the Muse it will be thrilling to watch.

Speaking for me and my small circle of friends here in Omaha Nebraska to the people of Egypt - we are hoping... and praying... with you!

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