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The Muse Exercises his Right Brain

Mark Kruger February 26, 2011 4:42 PM Humor and Life Comments (0)

It' a Saturday afternoon - one of those days when the music of my life is soft and mellow like elevator music. My boys are at school practicing for an upcoming math competition. My daughter is working. My wife and I sit in the living room while I read and she does Sudoku. I've already eaten lunch, done a few chores around the house and cleaned up my email. Having had another arduous week I am enjoying a little downtime. Meanwhile, my mellow mood is perfect for writing Haikus - so here you go:

loop while one is one
incrementers are a mystery
I hang through winter

model glue loading
won't succeed always times out
debugging is on

jrun is crashing
my objects are all failing
drowned into a heap

my eclipse freezes
no point in trying again
repo is corrupt

twitter comes to life
many strange bearded comments
ray is now online

cftalk is chatty
one mentions windows server
holy wars begin

bird hits the window
I look up from my laptop
the real world awaits

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