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ColdFusion Builder 2 Hotfix 1 Fails

Mark Kruger August 27, 2011 1:11 PM Coldfusion Troubleshooting Comments (1)

If you have an issue where you are trying to install "hotfix 1" for CF Builder 2 on a Windows 64bit platform and it fails after decompressing the file, you might try the following. Look for the uncompressed files (usually in the temp directory), drill down and find the *.lax file. This is the file that install anywhere (a Java installer) uses to launch its own install procedure. In the file is a path to the JVM - look for the line that says something like\\... Then set the path to a known good 64bit JRE SDK. You should have one if you are running eclipse. Once you make the change launch the install exe in the decompressed files folder (instead of the original file). This is a version of the fix found in my previous post on CF 8 64bit on Windows 2003 64bit Web edition. The previous post has all the details and then some. I'm told by CF aficionado Christian N. Abad that the fix works for CF Builder Hotfix 1 installs as well. I suspect as a general rule that it would work for any "install anywhere" process with this specific problem.

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