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Mark Kruger May 10, 2012 7:11 PM ColdFusion Comments (2)

Muse readers - next week I'll be in Minneapolis MN at the Cf.objective conference. I'll be waxing eloquent in the ad hoc room (TBD) about 2 topics near to my heard. The first is web sockets and the second is consulting. It seems like that's something these conferences could do well to address as the employment landscape changes. Indeed if you are a consultant, freelancer, company owner or whatever and you want Muse tips on getting paid, landing contracts, selling yourself and your technologies, saving troubled customers, getting beyond your skill set, hiring your first and tenth employee etc. - come to that one for a lively discussion. If you are a corporate lackey you can come too, but we may look at you suspiciously out of the corner of one eye.

I also have a new plan for cfobjective this year. Since I actually don't do a lot of hard core programming any more I'm not going to dig into a specific topic and try to gain a lion's share of expertise. Instead my plan is to:

  • Flit from room to rom and booth to booth and pick up as much general knowledge and witty banter as I can.
  • Tweet copiously from the conference about everything and anything of interest to me. My twitter handle is @cfwebtools and the hash tag for cf.objective is #cfobjective.
  • Blog a few times per day. Naturally these will not be my typical wordy tomes of dubious length. Instead I plan on a few paragraphs highlighting various workshops or interesting thoughts or even people I've met who are blog-worthy.
Of course I will mention names and companies so if you want to give me a heads up about your workshop so I can stop in and say something nice (and the Muse is always positive - no worries there), let me know. I'll be happy to oblige.

If you are going to be at CF Objective and would like to chat about consulting, working for CFWT, the next big thing, why CF is dead (again - Lord Beric eat your heart out), or anything else I'd be thrilled to meet you and hear about your latest project or pet mice or see your knitting or whatever. I'll make it a point to wear a RED SHIRT every day. I'm 6', a little pudgy, balding, with lovely blue eyes (says my wife), a little too verbal and over-confident, and I'll be hanging around everywhere like a ubiquitous traveling salesman. So don't be shy - if you see me give a shout! Let's have a drink, pants Ray, make fun of Mark Drew's accent or at least put soap in the hotel fountain or something. Don't leave me hanging.

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  • Eric Cobb's Gravatar
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    Eric Cobb | 5/11/12 10:36 AM
    Is your consulting presentation going to be recorded and available for us unfortunate souls who will not be attending CF Objective?
  • WilGeno's Gravatar
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    WilGeno | 5/11/12 2:25 PM
    I'll show you how to rock this town!