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Muse Reviews - Key Note, Day One at Cfobjective

Mark Kruger May 17, 2012 12:11 PM cfobjective Comments (1)

Rakshith Naresh and Hemant Khandelwal from Adobe did an outstanding job at the keynote. They are not the most compelling speakers but like a lot of engineers their eyes light up when they engage on the topic of their favorite technology (in this case ColdFusion 10). I was impressed by the litany of efforts and initiatives they have underway - and the general direction of the platform. Key notes (some of this old news):

  • Extensive HTML 5 support (video, sockets, canvas, charts)
  • Major security enhancements
  • Better update and upgrade paths with automatic install and rollback from within the admin.
  • More thought and effort toward expanding the number of developers through extending Java skills as well as supporting the community through events like CF Objective.
I'll have more to say throughout the week as I visit some workshops. Best quote was from Ben Forta (via video) who said "ColdFusion supports HTML 4, HTML 5,...every version of HTML. ColdFusion supports HTML 6 and it's not even been invented yet".

The big news or announcement was that ColdFusion 10 will be available on the AWS cloud as an AMI in the near future in both medium and large instances with a price point of 60-80 dollars per month. The Muse thinks this will make a VPS deployment within reach of some folks who currently suffer through shared CF hosting nightmares.

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    Mobile DVR | 8/12/12 7:42 AM
    Mark, I have found your muse reviews is being so fantastic and totally inspirational. Here includede key note, day one at Cfobjective. Keep it up! :)