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Time for a CF_Change - CF Webtools Job Opening Dec. 2014

Mark Kruger December 10, 2014 11:18 AM Job Openings Comments (2)

As happens every few months, CF Webtools is expanding yet again and looking for qualified advanced developers. We have a growing list of extremely challenging and projects and delightful customers (mostly delightful) that need our expert attention. What's it like working for CF Webtools?

  • It's not Boring - our staff is fun, engaging and mostly funny and entertaining. Among our eclectic group are golfers, motorcycle enthusiasts, belly dancers, photographers, gamers (shocking I know), fencers (as in touche'), rock climbers, fisherman, fireman, musicians, family people, single people (mostly hot), dog people, cat people, PC people and Mac people. We even have the mother of a fashion model. With all those outside activities how do we find the time for technology - but believe me we do! The truth is we all love what we do and we are stronger together than separately.
  • Professionally Stimulating - Stay with us long enough and you'll work on every version of ColdFusion back to version 5 (or at least you'll hear stories). We have large legacy codebase's that we maintain, as well as pure greenfield projects. We have mobile (lots and lots of mobile), Mura, FW/1, Home Grown, Model Glue, Mach II, Fusebox, ColdBox, and fantastic mind numbing home-grown frameworks that we all Loooove to work on. We use MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Couchbase, Mongo, and Sybase. We have apps using maps, apps using web services, apps using APIs and API's using our apps. If there's a "way to do a ColdFusion application" we have seen it, done it and probably maintained, refactored it and maybe invented it. So if you are a lover of programming, programming languages and ColdFusion in particular, you will love it here.
  • Interested in Balance - as noted above we are not looking for developers who are so entrenched in a technical life that they have no time for anything else. If your first life is so technical you are buried in a second life we may not be for you. Professional developers with high productivity and high aptitude are above all balanced. They love ColdFusion and can't wait to code (most days) but they also love eating out, movies, spending time with their kids, going to the gym, cruises, photography, and vacations. We have found that the developer with a whole life (I mean balanced and full of loving relationships - not the insurance) is the one that fits our culture, communicates well, and thrives here at CFWT. And believe me, culture is very important. Your CF skills have to be top-notch, but that's just Pay-to-play. We want someone who thrives on our staff.

I know you've come to expect nothing less than unmitigated hyperbole from the Muse, but it is a great place to work and we are thrilled to be able to employ so many talented and interesting developers and engineers.

Here's the Blurb. Do you:

  • Take ownership of a problem.
  • Think around all angles of a problem for all possible solutions
  • Love the tech community as a place to engage and learn.
  • Have evolved skills in an eclectic mix of technologies and like to learn new ones.
  • Excel at explaining technology to regular non-technical folks.
  • Know how to honor non-technical people for their own skills and expertise.
  • Laugh, chortle, guffaw and otherwise split a gut with a group of insanely funny people - without the need to put anyone down.
  • Long to be a part of a close knit team who encourages and believes in you.
And here are the Tech Skills:
  • Advanced ColdFusion - note, we will test you. We are looking for folks who know more than syntax on a web page. You should be well versed in the guts of complex ColdFusion application building and you should have your own internalized list of best-practice techniques that do not require a guide.
  • Advanced Database Skills - I don't mean you need to know how to build, manage and restore DBs. But you should know how to write a complex query and/or a stored procedure for one or more of the "big three" DB platforms.
  • Some diverse technology skills - we don't necessarily dictate what that is but we are looking for folks with a broad swath of skills. Right knowing and developing in .NET, doing IOS/Droid development (or phone gap), and troubleshooting CF servers and server admin are skills that might give you an edge in your application. But if you come to us with several skills that we don't need at the moment you would still be an attractive candidate.
  • Current Technique - You need to have chops in jQuery or Angular, be familiar with frameworks, ORM, NoSQL approaches etc. We want curious, forward looking folks (like the muse!).
For more info on what it takes to be a CFWT consultant check out my post on You Might be a Muse All-Star.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you allow telecommuting? Yes all our development positions are full-time remote positions.
  • What sort of dev environment can I expect? We are en eclipse shop and rely on SVN, Jenkins, and an agile like approach to development. Having said that, as an outsource development company we frequently integrate with external teams. That means you can't always predict everything about the approach for the project you are working on.
  • What Industries are you working in? We have sites we develop and maintain in the Financial sector (stocks, options, commodities, retirement planning and management etc.), Insurance, Medical, Pharmaceutical, retail sales, real estate, etc. We have a very broad client list.
  • Will I get to meet the Muse? Yes of course... you'll be sick of me inside of two weeks. Eventually you can stop calling me the muse but the shrine has to stay up for at least a year.
  • Do you use frameworks? Yes - all of them all the way back to Fusebox 2. We work on new projects in common frameworks like Coldbox, FW/1 or DI/1, but we also support a host of legacy applications done on custom frameworks or with no framework at all.

As stated above, our positions are full-time remote telecommute. On rare occasions they might require some travel. We pay a competitive salary and benefits. CF Webtools maintains sites on virtually all ColdFusion and Database platforms. Our work is challenging, invigorating, sometimes poke-your-eyes-out frustrating, but never boring. Our development group is full of witty, interesting and extremely talented developers. It's a true mentoring community. If that sounds like a place you would like to work (and you meet our high skill-set standards) send your resume to - or contact the Muse directly if you like. Tweet me @cfwebtools or use the "Ask a Muse" link on this blog (I'm easy to find). You can also call 402 408 3733 and ask for Mark or Jason - we'll be thrilled to speak with you about our opportunity. The official job posting may be found on our corporate site at the Job Openings page.

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  • Phillip Senn's Gravatar
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    Phillip Senn | 12/10/14 11:37 AM
    I'd like to be a qualified advanced developer, but I don't know if I would ever attain such a height.

    Maybe with the cfml craftsmanship group we can take someone through the journey from apprenticeship to being a qualified advanced developer. I know that from an apprentices viewpoint I'm an advanced developer, but from an advanced developer's viewpoint, I'm a journeyman.

    I know of things that I _should_ be doing, but I'm not.
  • Mark Kruger's Gravatar
    Posted By
    Mark Kruger | 12/10/14 11:56 AM

    Don't get hung up on my advanced degree in hyperbole. It's the curiosity that counts most with me. :)