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Job Opening - ColdFusion Developer, ORM, FW1 & AngularJS - Jan 2017

Mark Kruger January 13, 2017 4:08 PM Job Openings Comments (1)

Yes it is that time again. The Muse wants to add another talented developer to his aggregate brain. If you think you might qualify send your resume (yes, we would like a resume) to Please note: All of our developer jobs are remote. That does mean you need to be stand offish. It means you work from home. We prefer you take a shower and get dressed each day, but honestly we have a don't-ask-don't-tell policy on that. In addition all our positions are US based (sorry Indian friends, we love you but we are sticking stateside for now) and all of our jobs are W2 with benefits. Here's the "hard skill" list.

  • Strong ColdFusion skills of recent vintage. We will test you so no faking it. :)
  • Strong SQL skills. With my apologies to the Mongo/Couch/NoSQL and ORMish folks in the audience, this is still vital skill virtually everywhere. You need to be better than average in at least 1 of the 3 main platforms (MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle).
  • Frameworks - in particular we are looking for FW/1 for this go around.
  • ORM - yes I know I was snarky about ORM above but as it happens we do need this skill this time.
  • Angular - for this particular job we are going to need some Angularjs expertise.
  • Something else - if all you know if ColdFusion then you are going to struggle here. Our devs know lots of things even if they specialize in ColdFusion - hardware, .NET, PHP, JS - pick a feature.
Our jobs pay well and include benefits (health, life, 401k, disability etc). We have a great track record of attracting and keeping talent.

What else?

I'm glad you asked. CF Webtools has four core values.

  • Can-Do Attitude - We are helpful and collaborative with our clients offering solutions and problem solving.
  • Caring community - We are a caring community of family, faith (if you are into that sort of thing) and friendship.
  • Competence - We exude confidence and competence in technical areas.
  • Communication - We over communicate to each other and our clients, preferring sharing and transparency over silos and black boxes.
Our goal is to build a positive culture with rewarding work that you can be proud of. We hire experts and pay them well. As such we need some things from you too. Take a look at this list from our last job posting.
  • You should be able to setup multiple local environments, or at least not be scratching your head at that phrase. Mac and windows are required. Advanced developers do advanced things like (for example) set up an Apache or IIS web site and connect ColdFusion to it. We see this as indicative of your problem solving ability as well.
  • You should be able to work with SVN or GIT (and no we don't want to see your white paper on why GIT is superior).
  • Maintain positive attitude - We are not looking to hear about your pet technology peeves, your problems with Adobe or why the command line is always superior to a gui. If you are not interested in being a net blessing to a larger group (or if a lack of snark makes you queasy) we are probably not a place for you.
  • Maintain and enhance your skills set - you will be given the opportunity to work on lots of code, different versions, platforms, integrations, libraries and SDLC organization and procedure. Everyone of these is a growth opportunity. If that has you licking your chops climb aboard.
  • Balance - We like devs who have a full life. If you enjoy fencing, equestrian sports, skydiving, guitar playing, dog training, macrame, Golf, racquetball, Mandarin, Politics (careful!), family outings, child rearing, school plays, choirs, baking (all activities enjoyed by folks on our team) then we think those things make you a better developer! We aren't looking for 80 hour a week developers slavishly devoted to coding. We are looking for eclectic, interesting people who enjoy coding and want to do it for a living.
Hopefully this helps explain how we operate enough to pique your interest. If you want to take a shot send your resume to or call (402) 408-3733 ext 102 and ask for Jason. We look forward to hearing from you!

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