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"Send us a Developer Oh Lord!" - He cried from his lonely chariot.

Mark Kruger August 23, 2017 5:45 PM Job Openings Comments (0)

p> Yes yes yes! CF Webtools is hiring again. We are looking for 1 to 3 advanced ColdFusion programmers to add to our already large team of CF folks. Here's the stuff everyone wants to know.

  • Yes these are remote development positions.
  • No we are not hiring outside the U.S. (sorry!)
  • Yes the position is W2 with benefits after a short (30 day) trial period.
  • Yes benefits include health care.
  • No our health care is not as good as congress' health care - but it's pretty good for a small company.
  • Yes there are other benefits - 401k, dental, PTOs, disability, life insurance, and hearing from me almost every day.
  • No our developers don't walk on water every day - we save that for the second Tuesday of months ending in "Y".
  • Yes we work on interesting projects and applications accross the board in Insurance, government, health care, finance etc.

We are a company out to build a positive culture and work environment where you can shine and feel good about what you do. We are looking for developers that match our culture of Can-do, Caring, Communication and Competency. Here are some examples of what we expect.

  • You should be able to setup multiple local environments, or at least not be scratching your head at that phrase. Mac and windows are required. Advanced developers do advanced things like (for example) set up an Apache or IIS web site and connect ColdFusion to it. We see this as indicative of your problem solving ability as well.
  • You should be able to work with SVN or GIT (and no we don't want to see your white paper on why GIT is superior).
  • Maintain positive attitude - We are not looking to hear about your pet technology peeves, your problems with Adobe or why the command line is always superior to a gui. If you are not interested in being a net blessing to a larger group (or if a lack of snark makes you queasy) we are probably not a place for you.
  • Maintain and enhance your skills set - you will be given the opportunity to work on lots of code, different versions, platforms, integrations, libraries and SDLC organization and procedure. Everyone of these is a growth opportunity. If that has you licking your chops climb aboard.
  • Balance - We like devs who have a full life. If you enjoy fencing, equestrian sports, skydiving, guitar playing, dog training, macrame, Golf, racquetball, Mandarin, Politics (careful!), family outings, child rearing, school plays, choirs, baking (all activities enjoyed by folks on our team) then we think those things make you a better developer! We aren't looking for 80 hour a week developers slavishly devoted to coding. We are looking for eclectic, interesting people who enjoy coding and want to do it for a living.
Hopefully this helps explain how we operate enough to pique your interest. If you want to take a shot send your resume to or call (402) 408-3733 ext 102 and ask for Jason. We look forward to hearing from you!

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