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Adobe Coldfusion Vulnerability - CVE-2019-7838, CVE-2019-7839, CVE-2019-7840/ APSB19-27

DataBank has issued a Security Bulletin to all of their ColdFusion clients about the recent Adobe ColdFusion Vulnerability. Databank has partnered with CF Webtools to do the patching for all of their ColdFusion client's servers.

CF Webtools is a full service ColdFusion consulting company provided high quality development services and specializing in the ColdFusion stack. If it has to do with ColdFusion we will be able to help!

Both CF Webtools and DataBank are highly engaged in helping their customers maintain secure environments. Patching and regular maintenance are part of that process. If you haven't yet patched your server – whether you host with a high quality provider like DataBank or host it yourself – give us a call at (402) 408-3733 and we will take the worry out of ColdFusion security.

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