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Looking for a ColdFusion plus ReactJS Unicorn - Horn Optional

Mark Kruger August 29, 2019 10:55 AM Job Openings Comments (0)

We provide W2 employment with benefits for remote workers (i.e. you can work in your PJs but don't make a habit of it). We collect experts like fine wine and provide them a happy home inside our hive mind. ColdFusion is our core tech so you need high aptitude in that language and platform (and we will test you to make sure), but you'll need a bit more than that. Here's the main thing we are looking for right now.

  • ReactJS = - This long term project requires in the weeds with ReactJS. You will need more than just a walk through the tutorial. If you are a strong JS dev and have some ReactJS in the wild you probably qualify.
  • Framework Experience (Especially FW/1).
  • Lucee - You don't have to be a Luccee expert but it helps if you've deployed code to Lucee and know some of it's quirks.
  • High DB Skills - MSSQL or MySQL. To us this means complex queries and views plus indexing, design, optimization etc.
  • SCRUM, Git, Agile and Jira - These are the primary SDLC tools for this team.
  • MAC User (for development) - If you also know Vagrant that's a plus.

Hmmm.... what else?

I'm glad you asked. CF Webtools has four core values.

  • Can-Do Attitude - We are problem solvers and extra-milers. If you dig making clients sing your praises for a job well done we are already in love with you.
  • Caring community - Family, faith, friendship, connection, caring - you get the idea. We love people people.
  • Competence - We are building a world class pool of tech talent.
  • Communication - We are very chatty over-sharers.
After you have read the above if you think to yourself "I only match 7 out of 10 things needed" then don't hesitate to send your resume. We are really squishy and you might be able to talk us into it.

And here's a list of things that really help in our environment.

  • You should be able to setup multiple local environments, or at least not be scratching your head at that phrase. Mac and windows may be required (although this is a mac heavy dev environment). Advanced developers do advanced things like (for example) set up an Apache or IIS web site and connect ColdFusion to it. We see this as indicative of your problem solving ability as well.
  • You should be able to work with SVN or GIT . Yes we like Git too, but hey we have a lot of customers and a lot of environments.
  • Maintain positive attitude - We are overall encouragers to the point of cloying earnestness. If you like being encouraged and blessing others you will love it. If you really need something to gripe about and you think pantsing people is funny then we are probably not for you.
  • Maintain and enhance your skills set - We have 100 customers and 40 developers. You will be exposed to a lot of tech and (if you take advantage) learn something every day.
  • Balance - We like devs who have a full life. If you enjoy fencing, equestrian sports, skydiving, guitar playing, dog training, macrame, golf, racquetball, Mandarin, politics (careful!), family outings, child rearing, school plays, choirs, baking (all activities enjoyed by folks on our team) then we think those things make you a better developer! We aren't looking for 80 hour a week developers slavishly devoted to coding. We are looking for eclectic, interesting people who enjoy coding and want to do it for a living.
Hopefully this helps explain how we operate enough to pique your interest. If you want to take a shot send your resume to or call (402) 408-3733 ext 126 and ask for Kurt. We look forward to hearing from you!

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