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Job Posting: Looking for CF Administration and server specialist

Mark Kruger January 22, 2020 1:20 PM Job Openings Comments (0)

Hey folks, we continue to grow and expand here at CFWT. Our Ops department is looking for a CF jack of all trades who isn't afraid of AWS or servers. Details below - see if you qualify!

Seeking a ColdFusion Systems Administrator for CF Webtools. We are in Omaha, NE and are accepting both local and remote positions.

  • Yes, you may work from home, so pants are optional unless you are video conferencing.
  • Looking for folks legal to work in the US only. (sorry! We still love you world!)
  • Yes, the position is W2 with full benefits. PTO, healthcare, IRA, dental, vision, disability, life, and a positive, encouraging environment.
  • Our operations group consists of 4 team members so far.
  • They spend their days fixing, migrating, managing and upgrading servers.
  • AWS is involved in about 80% of what we do.
  • You will need to be able to find memes that appropriately obscure as inside jokes among your team members.
  • They are on call 24×7. We rotate out weekends and make sure you have enough "you and family time". But after-hours calls are very minimal. However, you will be responsible for some scheduled "late nighters" for upgrades and migrations. We try and keep your overall hours to about 40 hours a week average still.
  • Plenty to do. Lots of scrambling. Lots of appreciative customers and developers who will see you as a savior if you can fix their problem.

We are looking for someone experienced in ColdFusion. Perhaps you are a CF developer looking to change it up or you are already experienced in JVM tuning, lockdowns and such. This job will involve managing servers (this is not a help desk job) – provisioning, migrating code, upgrading the OS and more. On the ColdFusion side you'll be handling complex troubleshooting, upgrades, updates, installations and more. But don't get too hung up on only ColdFusion. We also touch other technologies such as WordPress, Python, PowerShell, MS SQL, My SQL, NoSQL and more. Below are some of the technologies we use and you will need to work with. To qualify, you should know more than a few of these:

  • Linux – For this job you probably need more than just a passing knowledge of Linux. You should be fluent in Linux administration. If you've set up some distros, used YUM or other package managers, know how to find stuff on a Linux box etc. you are probably qualified. But the more the better!
  • Windows Server – We have a high percentage of Windows servers. Operations manages backups, patching, migrating, upgrading etc.
  • AWS – about 70% of our managed stack is AWS. If you apply for this job you will be expected to eventually test for an associate certification. Training (online Udemy) and testing are paid for, but you must put in the work to get there. Just like college, except more fun!
  • Java/Tomcat – Our primary stacks invariably include Tomcat/JVM. If words like garbage collection, heap, context, web connectors etc. seem familiar you are on the right track.
  • Networking – you should know your way around a network stack, be familiar with firewall rules, IP addressing, NAT etc.
  • Troubleshooting – you should understand how to troubleshoot issues that arise from CPU, memory or disk constraints and performance.
  • DNS – you should understand DNS zones and record types, how they work, and how to modify them.
  • Web Servers – You should understand how to set up a website in one or both Apache and IIS.
  • Email Servers – We manage several email servers or email relays.
  • Jenkins – More of a "nice to have". We deploy code through Jenkins from SVN or Git. Ops manages deployments.
  • Nagios (network monitoring) – Also a "nice to have". We use Nagios to manage an array of uptime alerts from external and internal customers.

About CF Webtools

We are not a staff augmentation company trying to find someone to fling out to a spot in hopes they stick. While you work with customers, we care about developers and work culture. We intend to know you and support you. We strive to create a workplace you enjoy. We are looking for IT specialists that match our culture of Can-do, Caring, Communication and Competency. Here's some items that you need in order to fit in here.

  • Yes, you will be exposed to ______ (windows/mac) even if you are religiously devoted to ________ (windows/mac). We don't make the rules.
  • You should be able to work with SVN or GIT and sometimes other source control products.
  • You should maintain positive attitude – We interact with respect and gentle humor. Snark is minimized and encouragement is the order of the day. If you are quirky and self-deprecating that will be a plus and you will love it here.
  • You should maintain and enhance your skills set – you will be given the opportunity to work on lots of code, different versions, platforms, integrations, libraries and SDLC organization and procedure. Every one of these is a growth opportunity. If that has you licking your chops climb aboard.
  • We like balance – Our staff have a full life. They ride horses, snowshoe, skydive, sword fight, play instruments, love dogs, golf, learn languages, rear children, go to plays, like to bake, fish, hunting, equestrian sports, skydiving, guitar playing, dog training, macramé, Golf, racquetball, Mandarin, politics (careful!), family outings, school plays, choirs, baking, snowshoeing, ice fishing, hunting, aquaponics, mudding, and the list goes on. We love it all! We think those things make you a better team member and it makes us want to be around you.
Hopefully this helps explain how we operate enough to pique your interest. If you want to take a shot send your resume to or call (402) 408-3733 ext 109 and ask for Chris. You can try extension 105 and ask for the Muse, but you must get past Rachel so be creative! We look forward to hearing from you!

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