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Not Your Dad's ColdFusion Shop Anymore

Mark Kruger April 8, 2022 3:58 PM Job Openings Comments (0)

If you have been in the CF world for more than a minute you have heard of CF Webtools (CFWT). But (like CF itself) you may have some misconceptions.

Common Myths About CFWT

  • CFWT is at the low end of salary levels - nope again! we pay very competitive salaries and we are always evaluating so we can find good talent. We also have extensive incentive plans. We have to to keep up with the times. Folks who sign on with us often stay with us for years and years.
  • CFWT is a mom and pop shop - You might believe we are small and do things sort of hokey. Nope. In spite of my irreverent, aww-shucks approach to job postings, we are a legitimate powerhouse. We have 40 developers, a full-time ops department, sales, project management, and an office manager named Rachel who can stare daggers but is mostly nice and helpful.
  • CFWT handles mostly legacy code - Ugh! I hate hate hate this one. We do handle our share of legacy code and we are good at it. But we have more than a dozen large-scale applications we manage and develop that are cutting edge. We have customers in finance, pharma, LMS, and event planning - all of them actively engaged in updating, expanding, and improving with the latest tech.
  • CFWT is CF Only - no again. We have folks working in database work, project management, Reactjs, vuejs, and UI/UX. We love and serve the CF community but with 40 devs you can be we have a boatload of other tech in our pocket.
  • CFWT is the we-love-cf company - I am outraged that.. well... this one is actually true. But we do tons of other tech as well!
  • CFWT has a goofy owner - Well, yes that one is true. But in my defense, I had a happy childhood.

Come and See!!

So, if you've applied before or even worked here years ago and left because of my singing - please come back! Send us a resume. Let us know what you've been doing lately. We have great jobs, a healthy and positive culture (seriously we will lift you up), great compensation and benefits and an exciting growing team with new challenges and opportunities. We are not your father's Buick... er... dev shop! (Did anyone else hear that little bumpy theme song from that Buick commercial when I said that?).

Currently Looking

We are currently looking for all flavors of ColdFusion, ReactJS, VueJS, QA, project management, Oracle DBA and Business Analysts and if you own a food truck in Omaha NE we'll just make up something for you. Right now if you are a pure React or GoLang Dev we can probably use you if you are skilled. We always need CF folks of course.

Our work is Full Time W2 (or contract if you prefer it) with health, life, vision, dental, disability, vacation and 401k - plus stellar work-life balance. We are an all-remote company brimming with opportunity.

If you have some of that on your resume give me a shout. You can peruse some of my lengthier posts to see requirements and work place stuff. If you want to chat send a resume to (it goes to Kurt and I) and we'll get back to you. If you have applied in the past and we passed on you - give it another shot. Nobody stays the same - not you and not us. :)

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