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React + Typescript - have skills will pay ;)

Mark Kruger May 9, 2022 1:37 PM Job Openings Comments (0)

We are currently looking for someone with great react skills and good to great typescript skills. This is working on one of our teams for a fantastic fortune 500 customer. You will not regret this decision - be a part of the team that revolutionalizes a multi-million dollar product. Yes, we are paying a premium for this position.

Here's the skinny:
  • Yes it is a remote position.
  • You must be located in the US and legal to work here. I know this is tough for our many friends outside the US. This is a customer driven requirement. We would change it if we could.
  • Yes the position is W2 with benefits. If you prefer to work as a contractor that is cool and we can negotiate a rate, but this would be a full-time, 40 hours per week position. We are not looking to be one of many projects in your basket. We prefer to bless you with W2 plus benefits, but we get it.
  • Yes benefits include health care.
  • We do not provide healthcare for pets unless you have a live panda.
  • Yes there are other benefits - 401k, dental, PTOs, disability, life insurance, and a busy, vibrant culture that is irreverent while still being gentle.
  • Our work metrics are clear and meeting them is straightforward. You will know how to succeed here.
  • Part of the process here is interviewing with skilled resources. They will know if you fudged on your ReactJS or typescript skills, so come prepared to shine.
If you are interested the fastest way to engage us is to send a resume to That's a list that goes to me and our management genies. We will respond quickly with information to get you moving.

QA engineer

You need to have experience with software testing. We are not looking for an engineer who has morphed into QA. We are looking for someone who has worked in systematic QA with Jira in an agile environment. Attention to detail, understanding of how to communicate with both devs and business stakeholders is a must. We are also paying a premium here. We want it to be worth your while. Yes, it is remote and yes you must be US-based. All the above stuff applies.

More about CFWT

We are not recruiters. We are not generalists either - we focus on high knowledge and compentence (and sometimes on spelling). Yes, you will work with and for customers but we care about developers and work culture. We try to find what makes you tick and we hope to provide a work environment where you can grow. We want you to want to come to work every day. We are looking for developers that match our culture of Can-do, Caring, Communication, and Competency.

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