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Copious File-not-found Errors on Railo/Resin

Mark Kruger August 12, 2011 12:11 PM Railo Comments (1)

Periodically I like to peruse log files for common errors (call it a hobby). When I find an error that appears to be reoccurring again and again I go hunting for ways to fix it (if it is truly an issue), or suppress it if it's something irrelevant that is cluttering up the log. Yes I know - it's magic being around with me at times.

Recently we acquired a Railo server with a 25 or 30 of sites on it running a moderate amount of traffic. I had experimented with Railo before but I'm still feeling my way along. This particular Railo server was version 3.2.2 running on Resin. One of the logs I discovered was a JVM default "out" log in the Resin/log directory (jvm-default.log). Taking a peak I noticed long lists of "file not found" exceptions that looked like this:

Page /sitename/index.cfm 
	[C:\data\Applications\resin\webapps\ROOT\sitename\index.cfm] not found
...where of course the "sitename" was an actual site on the server. They appeared to occur in bursts and it did not seem to be related to a particular site (although busier sites were more well represented). In every case the error referenced /webapps/ROOT but a quick look at that disk location made it evident that indeed no web apps were deployed there. Hmmm.... what gives? I turned to the Railo Google group. Luckily Railo Guru Todd Rafferty of web-rat fame hangs out in there and he asked me to send him my resin.conf file. I sent it to him and he returned a solution lickety split. But to explain the solution you might need some background.

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